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Grinsect produces the ecologically beneficial and nutrient-efficient black soldier fly (BSF) on scale, offering the complete package: protein meal, lipids, and high-added-value BSF solutions for animal feed.

Are you craving a premium protein source with a nutty twist? Learn more about our insect products, or explore our convenient shipping and packaging options.

Premium ingredients for animal nutrition with EU-based production quality guarantee

Straight from our fully controlled, and safe farm. 
Grinsect offers high-quality, locally produced BSF products with excellent amino acid profiles and digestibility comparable to the highest biological value proteins to promote the proper health of animals.

For aquaculture

Boost Fish Performance sustainably! Our BSF meal enhances palatability and maximizes performance, replicating a natural food source.

For pets

grinsect liszt hq.jpg

Skip the slaughterhouse scraps and nourish your pets with value. Our insect meal and lipids are tasty, nutritious, and hypoallergenic ingredients for your formulation.

For poultry

Happy Hens, Healthy Eggs. The species-appropriate boost for stronger egg shells, faster growth, and probiotic advantages in the feed formulation.

Grinsect's proprietary technology approach

5+ years of mass insect breeding, production, research, testing, and 3+ years of technology R&D led us to create and validate our easily scalable, automated technology line, covering our entire value and supply chains.

Thus, we provide the highest quality animal feed ingredients to our customers' satisfaction.


Latest news from Grinsect

Get more insight into our products and technology, learn about the insect industry from different perspectives, and master helpful things on everything insect-related.

Grinsect’s contribution to Circular Economy

We utilize otherwise untreated byproducts by converting them into animal protein. By doing so, our production helps reduce carbon footprint, overfishing, replacing imported GMO soy, reducing deforestation, and promoting conscious, reduced water and land use.

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