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Black Soldier Fly breeding made easy with our insect-producing tools and kits

Your own BSF farm awaits! Now it is your turn to join the Grinsect breeding community.

Our insect technology tools are specifically optimized for the needs and instincts of the black soldier fly (BSF) so that anyone can become an insect breeder without time-consuming processes and other DIY methods. Grinsect toolkits are designed to accommodate a broad range of client needs. It solves the problem of livestock farmers, future and current insect breeders, and anyone with plant-based byproducts.

Grinsect essential breeding and rearing tools

Best value for money offer: browse the Grinsect BSF farm equipment


Beginner toolkit – for home scale production with plenty of natural sunlight.

- 4 pcs Love cage size M

- 2 pcs Dark cage

- 4 pcs Fly Hives

+ 1 piece of complimentary Love cage netting

Advanced toolkit – scale up your indoor mass-breeding.

- 1 pc 200-watt Breeding LED lamp

- 6 pcs Love cages size L

- 3 pcs Dark cages

- 6 pcs Fly Hives

+ 2 pieces of complimentary Love cage netting

We offer this technology to:

Insect breeders

Whether you are thinking of a home-scale or small-scale production, our tools will quickly help you become an expert.


Produce your livestock's daily protein needs yourself! Predictable, healthy, cost-effective.

Businesses with byproducts

The black soldier fly is one of the most promising candidates to transform low-value biowaste streams into high-value resources.

Universities and research institutes

Knowing the vast potential of undiscovered facts in insect breeding, we've developed affordable tools to address the unique needs of university research. Let's bridge the knowledge gap together!

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