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Leading the cost-efficient insect meal revolution.

Our growing population needs more protein, but arable land and resources are stretched thin. At the same time, mountains of food waste, byproducts, and leftovers are piling up. Can these seemingly separate problems be solutions to each other?


Grinsect redefines the waste pyramid, supports the circular economy, and generates value from agricultural plus food industry side streams. We do all that through bioconversion, a sustainable substrate treatment that enables us to harvest the true power of the ecologically supper-efficient black soldier fly (Hermetia Illucens) by fattening its larvae with these otherwise untreated plant-based byproducts. Hence, we produce more with less environmental impact.


Grinsect is your trusted insect protein supplier & partner in more.

Grinsect is the first licensed insect protein producer in Hungary. Our five years of actual protein production and active market presence helped several feed manufacturers and livestock management companies become greener.


We provide them with eco-friendly, nutrient-rich animal feed and pet food ingredients with future-proof business solutions.

Primary products for animal nutrition

Browse from our premium product cataloge, talk to sales and enjoy our attractive price-value rate, flexible shipping, and packaging options.

Services provided by Grinsect


White-label and private-label insect-based pet food


Breeding and technology consultancy for companies


Organic byproduct management solutions


Decentralized black soldier fly mass-rearing


Meet the Management


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Project kick-off

Our first breeding experiments and observations, prototypes of breeding technology tools, and initial product developments.



From project to business

BSF Systems Ltd. is founded.


Grinsect Careers

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Job Openings

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