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Learn more about Grinsect’s proprietary technology approach

We cultivate our black soldier fly (BSF) colony using a unique technology approach throughout the entire process, from input material resources to getting the final product. This allows us to produce more efficiently and in a way that's good for the environment.

Since its establishment, Grinsect's engineers have been innovating and researching to push the technology boundaries of efficient yet sustainable animal nutrition production protocol to serve our partners with premium products at the best price possible. 


Safe production in a fully controlled and closed environment

Our breeding, rearing (larvae fattening), and processing units are all separated to ensure our stock is contamination-free and to protect it against infections from other species. We implement carefully designed protocols, systems, and methodologies. In our intensive insect farm, we have created a special microclimate optimized for the needs of the black soldier fly to maximize our production.

Vertical rearing system

One of the strengths of intensive insect farming is that it can be done in a vertical system. Thus, our production is not limited by the floor space of our rearing unit, as we can quickly pile upon 4 meters high. It is also a predictable, practical, and efficient solution for controlling production volume at any given time.

Grinsect lárvák.PNG

Chemical-free from beginning to end

In our production facility, we solely use fruit, vegetable, and cereal byproducts from trusted and verified agricultural companies, food and feed processors, and retail partners. We produce pure and safe products without boosting our BSF larvae stock with artificial substances, chemicals, or medicines. The Grinsect products, therefore, contain 100% black soldier fly larvae that comply with EU regulations.

Our insect technology solutions

Grinsect provides repeatedly tested & proven small-scale breeding and scalable rearing technology solutions that simplify egg production and larvae fattening. Let's strengthen the global insect protein supply chain together!

Small/mid-scale solution

Learn how we produce our products

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