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Join the insect industry with the decentralized black soldier fly larvae rearing program.

Grinsect's business innovation decentralizes insect fattening and promotes an economically and ecologically feasible, value-generating waste recycling method that contributes to sustainable protein production while stimulating the insect market, connecting and attracting more otherwise uninterested or unreachable actors to this field.

How it works?

As a rearing unit operator, you coordinate the operational process of fattening black soldier fly larvae at your site, using the knowledge and technological equipment provided by Grinsect in exchange for a one-time investment amount.

In this partnership, Grinsect continuously provides rearing unit operators with young larvae and then buys back the fattened ones at specified intervals at a predetermined price.

With the help of this value innovation, your one-time investment in technology will pay off in the foreseeable future, the generated and otherwise untreated organic byproduct will be recycled in a valuable way, and local insect protein production capacity will increase.

Outsourced rearing unit key numbers:

Steps of becoming a rearing unit operator

1. Feasibility study

Evaluating unit location, identifying feedstock materials and procurement channels, and writing your business case.

3. Implementation

Installation of your rearing unit and insect fattening workshop to your team.

2. Layout planning

Designing your specific black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) rearing unit with detailed technical specifications.

4. Operation

Testing and streamlining production, ramping larvae fattening up.

The outsourced rearing model summary

Interested? Let us know!

Join the waitlist to become an operator in Grinsect’s outsourced rearing unit model and receive regular updates with specifications on the program.

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