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Breeding technology guide part II. – The key for successful oviposition: the Fly Hive

Are you looking for a tool that can prevent eggs from being mislaid? Do you not want to waste time by trying out alternatives that can be found on the internet and that can result in low efficiency in terms of oviposition? If you have set your heart on breeding soldier flies, you are at the right place!

What happens in the Fly Hive and why it has a crucial role in the life and breeding of the BSF?

In our previous blog article, we introduced the Lovecage where the adult flies mate. It is an important tool, but it would not be complete without the Fly Hive. With the help of the Fly Hive, everybody, yes, this means also You can become a successful BSF breeder. The Fly Hive has got a very complex function. It is equally important for both the current and next-generation as well. Although, it consists of 3 parts, which are very compact thanks to its multi-storey layout, the Fly Hive provides exactly what flies need.

UPPER TRAY: This is the most accessible surface. This storey of the Fly Hive is responsible for watering the adult flies – since in this stage of their life, they do not really eat anymore. It is important, that you put the sponge in the tray and you moisten it with plenty of water otherwise the flies would simply drown in the water.

LOWER TRAY: One of the key elements of the controlled egg-laying is the use of an adequate attractant, which should be a wet and sweet-smelling mix that attracts flies. The lower tray contains this attractant and its smell continuously guides the flies towards the egg trap.

EGG TRAP: This tool for laying eggs has been designed to satisfy the flies’ instincts. Flies can deposit their eggs in a safe place, between egg-laying sheets treated with a special aroma. This egg trap is protected from light source by the watering tray from above, while the eggs are also protected from drying out by the moisture coming from the lower tray.

Did you know?

Female BSF can lay 4-800 pcs. of eggs each.

It is not easy to find or make the perfect egg trap. There are several factors that can impact the egg-laying-spot and the high survival rates, which means that homemade tools or alternative solutions might affect the maintenance and reproduction of the population. The use of the popular corrugated carton box or wooden bars are difficult to clean, do not provide the eggs with enough oxygen and eggs cannot be properly removed either.

The Grinsect Fly Hive has been designed to meet the needs of the BSF and to optimize oviposition. With the help of the Fly Hive, the number of mislaid eggs (eggs that are not laid on the right spot) can be reduced to 5% which contributes to a smooth breeding cycle. It is important to note, that you can achieve this rate only should you frequently clean and maintain this breeding tool as well.

Why should you go for the Grinsect Fly Hive?

-   It has been developed and optimized to meet the needs of the BSF

-   Practical use: The egg trap collects the eggs, which then can be easily moved to the next phase of the breeding. Just turn it around and that is it!

-   Compact: Multi-functional, does not take up much space, can supply the needs of the flies and eggs, which means that you do not need to install additional props in the Lovecage.

-    The egg trap is treated with a special aroma to make it more attractive to the black soldier flies.

-    Easy to assemble and use: can be used for a long period of time in normal use

  • Ideal environment for oviposition: the lower tray provides the ideal microclimate in addition to the luring effect

  • Provides optimal environmental conditions for the eggs: optimal oxygen supply and moisture in the egg trap gaps

First use – how?

Have you received your Grinsect Fly Hive? Great! Let’s see what it contains:

  • 1x sponge that prevents flies from drowning

  • 2x egg-laying sticks

  • 2x trays, for watering and for the attractant

  • 20 x plastic rubber bands

  • 192x egg-laying sheets

In order to assemble the Fly Hive, first, put and fasten the egg-laying sheets on the sticks. It is pretty easy to do, but we have also made a video for help:

What is next?

  • Mix an attractant that will attract the soldier fly in the lower tray of the Fly Hive.

  • Put the egg-laying stick on the lower tray.

  • Put the watering tray with the sponge on the egg-lying stick.

  • Finally, install the Fly Hive in the Lovecage

Important: Check if the watering sponges are moist enough every day, if they are partly or completely dry, dampen them again!

How to keep it clean?

  • After use, scrub both plastic trays clean with detergent using warm water then rinse them with plenty of water.

  • Rinse the watering sponge with plenty of water and dry it to prevent an unpleasant smell.

  • Once the larvae have hatched, the egg trap should be washed without the use of detergent. If necessary, you can disassemble the egg trap in order to remove the “leftover” eggs and shells with a scalpel before using it again.

Would you like to learn more about soldier fly breeding? Next week, we will talk about the following tool of our advanced breeding toolkit, the Darkcage!

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