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Breeding technology guide part IV. – Learn more about the black soldier fly breeding magic lamp

Have you been thinking about breeding black soldier fly and you are in need of our secret weapon? Forget about traditional light sources because with our LED lamps you can definitely maximize production!

In our previous blog articles, we already shared that the black soldier fly is native to the Equatorial climate, which means that the same climate conditions should be continuously replicated all year long. In addition to high humidity and optimal temperature, successful indoor, intensive soldier fly breeding also depends on the third important pillar, the ideal light source.

Our own-developed Breeding lamp can create the necessary lighting conditions indoors, in a closed environment for soldier fly breeding regardless of the season and location on Earth.

How does it work?

Let’s start with a simple fact: Adult flies need a special spectrum light source for successful mating.

What happens when flies are not provided with this?

Flies will hardly or not mate at all should they not receive the necessary wavelength and intensity light. You will see them flying around in the Lovecage, but they will not be actively mating, this can lead to the absence of egg-laying or female flies will lay infertile eggs which hold back efficient production.

How the Grinsect Breeding lamp can contribute to successful breeding?

We are proud to introduce our own-developed special LED production tool that stimulates black soldier fly mating. The special light optimized for breeding will help flies mate and lay eggs with maximum efficiency which contributes to continuous reproduction and the maintenance of the population.

Our lamps have been designed to provide an efficient production tool for breeders:

  • The lights’ spectrum meet the needs of the soldier fly, since the LED panels use wavelengths which the black soldier fly can see and which has key importance in relation to stimulating breeding. The economical operation and low power consumption of our lamps make sure that they do not use spectrums useless for flies.

  • It is a very important momentum of mating, when males resting on the Lovecage net pick their partner from the flying females and then they “catch” them in the air. Since flies can see in the same wavelength range what the Breeding lamps use, they can easily perform their mating dance – but fluorescent lamps (very popular) may interrupt the flies’ mating because males cannot properly see the flying females in the flashing light.

  • Thanks to its complex parameters, the Breeding lamp enables intensive breeding without a natural light source and ensures continuous reproduction and the maintenance of the population

Buy our Breeding lamp and you will receive a surprise gift! You will be given a 24-hour timer to be more efficient in breeding: with the use of the timer, you can easily coordinate the number of illuminated and dark hours.

Now, you have learnt about some factors that prevent breeding, such as the lack of proper light spectrum or flashing light that interferes with mating but you are still not convinced and want to use a traditional light source? Do you need more evidence why you should go for the Grinsect LED Breeding lamp instead of experimenting?

We’ll help you decide! Let’s see how the Breeding lamp differs from a traditional light bulb:

The uniqueness of our lamp lies not only in the fact that it uses a spectrum necessary for successful mating but also has higher energy efficiency compared to traditional bulbs. How the energy efficiency can impact soldier fly breeding and your budget? We will tell you!

Lamps using traditional bulbs will convert only 5% of the used energy into light, the rest of it will go to waste as heat:

  • It is not only a huge waste of energy, but the heat released in the building will change the temperature needed for successful breeding, interrupting the flies’ routine.

  • It is also important, that even the 5% cannot be efficiently used in breeding, since neither the spectrum nor the intensity or the wavelength is optimized to meet the soldier flies’ needs. By using these light sources we can do more damage than we can imagine and we even might threaten the maintenance of the population due to low mating willingness.

Using our energy-saving lamps will affect not only your production but also your budget in a positive way:

Although, traditional bulbs with similar efficiency cost less, but in a couple of years they can generate operational costs worth millions and the sky is the limit. By the end of a 5-year period, the Grinsect Breeding lamp can cost you 4x less compared to traditional lamps. The high energy consumption of the bulbs and their short lifespan is responsible for the significant difference.

We offer a 5-year warranty for our Breeding lamps. On top of this, our lamps can deal with high humidity and splashing water thanks to the IP65 protection and passive cooling system. This makes them a reliable partner in breeding.

5+1 tips on how to use the Grinsect Breeding lamp

  • NEVER look directly in the lamp during operation due to strong UV radiation

  • Always use special UV blocking glasses when you are in the same room as the lamp

  • The number and ratio of the illuminated hours are important from the breeding point of view. In order to guarantee successful mating ratio and the number of fertile eggs, the use of 8-12 illuminated hours is recommended.

  • You are to do your chores at the beginning of the light hours. Never disturb the soldier flies in the dark, since this can interrupt their daily routine.

  • To ensure smooth operation, clean the lamp glass and the cooling surface on a half-year basis

+1 Where to install the lamp

1. Don’t know how to start assembling your Breeding lamp? Check out the following video for help:

2. As part of our advanced breeding toolkit, you will receive 6 pcs. of Lovecages: put 3-3 Lovecages parallel to each other in the breeding room. Important note: the distance between the Lovecages should not be more than 10 cms!

3. Install the lamp 1 -1,5 meters (from the highest point) above the 6 well-positioned Lovecages for the best lighting result.

4. Now, the Lovecages are ready to accommodate the mating dance of the soldier flies.

You are lucky, because our unique product will save you energy and money – furthermore, you will be the proud owner of a reliable production tool with a quick turnover: you can buy the special Breeding lamp in our webshop individually or as part of the advanced breeding toolkit.

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